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A groovy album in a Groovey Art Frame UB 40
Virgin Records, 1983
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Groovey Art Frame

  • My album cover doesn't fit, what gives?
    The Groovey Art Frame is hand made which means sizing varies slightly. It is universally sized to fit most double gatefold albums. Try another frame or remove the record from the album. The Groovey Art Frame is not recommended for box sets, or albums of more than two records.
  • Can I leave my album in its cover?
    Sure, there's plenty of room.
  • How do you hang a Groovey Art Frame?
    The Groovey Art Frame has three hanging prongs (left, center, right). You can use the center prong only, or the two outside prongs which we recommend for heavier album covers or commercial use. You hang it like any other frame using a hanger-nail or screw.
  • How do I clean my Groovey Art Frames?
    We suggest a clean cotton cloth with a mild glass cleaner or water. Make sure you dry the frame completely. Never use an abrasive cleaner on your Groovey Art Frame.
  • Why can't I buy just one Groovey Art Frame, why do I have to buy a package?
    We sell in packages to save on shipping and handling, which we pass on to our customers in lower prices.
  • More questions? email: or call 281 997 0279

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